Will My Insurance Company Cover Hail Damage Costs?

Colorado residents know all-too-well how hail damage can devastate their homes, cars, and other property in the blink of an eye. Weather in the state changes sometimes hourly and hail is not uncommon. When your vehicle is damaged by hail, the costs are not too expensive, but nonetheless a burden to an already tight budget. This leaves many to wonder if the cost of hail damage is covered by their insurance company.

Luckily, the cost of hail damage repair lakewood co may be covered by your auto insurance company and the policy that you carry.  It is nice to get a break now and again especially after something as tragic as a hail storm. Not everyone will qualify for insurance coverage for their hail damage repair. If you carry full coverage insurance, however, expect the costs to be covered. And, best of all, the claim will not cause an increase in the cost of your policy!

Keep in mind there is deductible that you must meet before the insurance company will cover any hail repair costs, even with a full coverage policy. Deductibles are usually set at $500 but can be more than this amount. Many drivers increase their deductible to keep their monthly auto insurance rates low. The deductible amount is decided from the total amount of your claim after an insurance adjuster has verified repairs for the vehicle.

hail damage repair lakewood co

Although it is frustrating to experience hail damage, there is hope since the auto insurance company that you are insured with may cover the costs to repair the damage.  If you carry comprehensive insurance coverage, you should not wait to file a claim if your vehicle has ended damage. The car isn’t going to repair itself. It is up to you to make that call and get the repair that you need.