Versatile Use Of A Billboard Truck

A billboard is one thing. But a billboard truck? Come on. Really? Maybe you’ve never seen one of these before. And maybe you have. Come on, most folks reading this right about now, must have come across a mobile billboard truck at least once in their lives. You will have noticed these on a busy highway or byway. They are strategically placed on a remote piece of ground while the many cars and trucks slowly crawl by.

And when this long snail-like trail of traffic finally clears, the ignition key turns and the driver is off. He is deliberately making his way to the next busy hotspot. And of course, while he is driving, who knows how far and for how long – he certainly cannot and probably will not be driving at a high speed – all passersby, folks in other cars and trucks, and folks on busy sidewalks, are certainly going to see this billboard.

And then they’re going to see not one, but at least a couple of ads displayed on this board. That could be your ad, you know. Local advertising could not be more versatile than this. The team that runs this sort of campaign can get to know a little about your business and possibly pinpoint those areas where your target market is likely to be hanging out. If you’ve just opened your own takeout store – and this could be a marketing hot potato – your marketing truck could be cheekily but discreetly parked at a walking distance from a rival takeout joint.

mobile billboard truck

And when these happy folks see this board as they head off to their cars, they’re going to see your board. And maybe the next time they’re out, they’re going to remember this. And maybe they’ll want to try you out.