Pennsylvania Drivers Need Car Insurance – It is the Law

It’s the law in PA! If you drive a car, you must have minimum amounts of auto insurance in place. Failure to carry insurance is a crime that can result in suspension of your driving privileges, fines, registration suspension, and other problems. Although some people think that insurance is nothing more than another bill, the truth is that it is protection that we all need. You need the protection and you need the coverage to stay out of legal trouble!

Car accidents happen every 15-seconds and when they do, they shatter lives and leave people hurt. People are injured and need medical care to recuperate. Sometimes they’re unable to go to work and wonder how they’ll survive. Vehicles are damaged and property as well. Without insurance, these expenses are paid out of pocket and most people cannot afford their debts much less someone else’s.

With car insurance newtown pa in place, none of these things are a worry. If you are covered with liability insurance, which the state requires, it will pay, up to the policy amount, for damages and injuries if you are the cause of an accident. You can choose to add additional insurance to your policy if you choose. If you buy a new car from a dealership, full coverage policies may be required despite the state law.

car insurance newtown pa

Many insurance companies offer car insurance for PA residents who need coverage, but their prices are not the same. Make sure you take the time to compare costs from the various companies before you purchase a policy. It is easy to compare the different policies and costs online or by phone and ensures the best prices are found. Make sure you also take advantage of discounts before you buy.