Avoiding Damage in the Car Wash

Automatic car washes do a lot to save damage happening in the car because most of the people who wash the car themselves can cause some damage by mistake. Either by using too much or too little water, or using the wrong kind of soap or towel. The automatic car wash comes preloaded with all the correct items and amounts to prevent you from having to use car wash repair services.

Plus, it saves a ton of time, but there are some risks. While many car washes are safe places to take your car, some can accidentally cause damage to it. Some car washes still use abrasive brushes instead of the cloth wipes, and these brushes can leave scratches and marks in the car’s paint. Since many modern cars are vulnerable to scratch damage and they aren’t easily buffed out, it’s best to avoid these types of washes.

Touchless car washes are often the better alternative, as nothing touches the car aside from blasts of air, water, and detergents. Then, take a look at any towels available for you to use. Some car washes will just have you drive off in a wet car, and others either provide towels or have attendants wipe the car down. If the towels are dirty or rough, then that will cause some more scratches on the finish of your vehicle.

car wash repair services.

Finally, most car washes will have signs up that state they aren’t responsible for any damage caused to the car. Be sure to ask about the damage policy and be sure to check the car for new damage before you leave the car wash if you are worried. You’ll often need to prove that the damage was caused by the car wash and file a complaint before hearing back from the company. Still, with a little extra work, you can ensure that your car wash is one that will keep your car clean and safe.